Playback Plays On Video

Sunday, August 26, 2018

If you earn points movies, short films win by knockout. It is interesting that the best short films have a documentary air: the pace is so intense that mirrors life itself. The other point that it seems to favor the short film is a fable. yQue occurs when using both narrative ends on a single tape? The result is a film like Playback, the actress and filmmaker Ana Carrizales. Tape Playback account, key documents, the mental deterioration of Matt, an amateur videographer, who is obsessed with the death of his partner and films. From the opening scenes raises the game with various levels of reality. This film plays with the idea of representation and levels of truth: what is true for Matt, it’s not real.

At the same time the reality of the video allows you to skip levels and ultimately confusing. Matt is a slave of his own control. A son of his own obsession. The director explains how these levels of reality mixed even during the production of the play. According to their statements, the inspiration came from reading Internet forums in which you share the feeling of losing a loved one. Written originally as a literary piece, the same story serves as a channel for Matt confess the absurdity of his obsession. What in the story is explained, the screen becomes powerful images, which confuse the viewer to explain the confusion by passing the protagonist. The principal at the same time decided to participate as an actress in the part.

His performance is superb, first as the muse healthy, playful, sensual and ultimately became terminally ill, bedridden and snorting unintelligible phrases. His performance has been criticized by some as too melodramatic, but the tone of the film, and Henry heartbreaking Skanfors soundtrack, to some extent justify the excesses of acting. While the short film is a kind of limited distribution, it is important to comment on an interesting film to see. Playback In that sense, opera prima the director, is a nice promise, a talent that shows maturity.