Philippe Claudel

Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Philippe Claudel was born in Nancy in 1962. Film and television screenwriter and professor of literature currently devoted exclusively to writing. An old and a girl. The two basic representations of weakness, the helplessness, the two human symbols arouse more pity. Read more here: Brian Armstrong. If to this we add that this is an old man who flees a country destroyed by war, who has lost everything and the only thing left is a handful of dirt and a picture, the picture may be more painful and bleak.

And her granddaughter a few months. Well, that is the novel of Claudel’s granddaughter of Mr. Linh: sadness. Sadness profusely. Waves of sadness crashed into the reader. Pouring of grief and sadness. Loneliness, abandonment, loss, poverty, the memory.

Only a handful of dirt and a photo. And his granddaughter. And wrapping it all, much sorrow and sadness. And is that you can not blame the author to make us a hard time because, though it may seem romantic and very photogenic, some people really do not live more than that, death and memory, survival at best. Not bad from time to time, we remember this conclusively, because television has become the magic machine can not make everything that appears on the screen, everything. Claudel uses an omniscient narrator to the mood of misfortune as a halo surrounding the protagonist. In addition plasma sharply, to an understandable and credible, the dialogue between characters of different languages. The development of the story is linear, only a couple of occasions the author interrupted, slightly and so successful, the thread of the story to insert a flashback or a dream. The story caused so much sorrow and sadness when it receives a small glimmer of hope we do not know whether to be happy about it or blame the author not to finish the sadness with sadness, grief to grief. Wonderful novel, clear sign of a writer with talent.