Sunday, October 27, 2013

(it is very important to read this). In conclusion on the limit functions the author you speak summarized on important and relevant aspects of the limit function, it is also possible that you talk about the fulfilment of the objectives proposed. Independent of each book to approach it differently, the important thing is that adhere to this point. 3 Read the subtitles on the topic. The all subtitles reading reveals that specific aspects of the overall content are developed. again, asked to each subtitle about that this? when? where? because? as? do so? or any other question that comes to mind.(note all this). We are going to the topic limit functions: with regard to this topic you will find subtitles as: limit of a function at a point.Limits lateralesLimites of a function at infinity.Properties of the limites.etc, etc. Look at that important it is to do a quick of these subtitles reading.

No matter that at the moment you don’t understand already the teacher clarify you the questions and doubts that arise in your mind, the more important is that acondicionas your mind to understand the topic in class. 4 read and trying to interpret the theme graphics, figures or photos to ilustaran. On the issue of limit of functions you will find above all graphs in Cartesian coordinates that you seek to explain the concept of limte and about the different kinds of limit. (he tries to interpret them). Do you see different is go to class with these previous knowledge? Never forget to do so. as an expert that I am in methods of learning and teaching mathematics, I assure you that you start with right foot and enormous advantage over those who do not read absolutely on the subject before going to classes.