Natural Luxury

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Revealed to the world for more than 500 years like " earth more beautiful than human eyes is visto" , Cuba wonder with its nature, the hospitality of its people, abierta and disinhibited, and the history of its cities, rich in architecture, colonial legend and sites, are the more important natural scene of the Caribbean by the dimension of its biodiversity, levels of endemismo and state of conservation. Cuba offers more than 300 natural sand beaches fine and calm, warm waters, deep and little free of contamination, that extends by 600km. Many of them are located in virgin zones like in more than 4000 adjacent keys, a very exclusive product. The Keys of Clear Villa are a capricious rosary of 500 small barren islands that wind on a sea of surprising tonalities of green and blue to the northeast of the central province of Clear Villa, very next to the second greater coralline barrier of the world. A tropical paradise with more is everything than 17 km of white sand beaches.

The refuge of fauna of the Keys of Clear Villa includes a surface of 77 844 hectares, habitat also of 248 species of plants. His more appraised jewels the Sorceresses, Key Ensenachos and Cayo are the Key Santa Maria, idyllic places of incredible virginal landscapes where the native vegetation gives to passage to sand beaches fine and crystalline waters. Together with the marine town of Caibarin, in the great island of Cuba, by a railcar of 48km on the sea, awarded internationally by its harmonious combination of nature and engineering in a declared zone Reserve of the Biosphere. This avenue that allows to the access by highway from the city of Santa Clara, where is an international airport, counts on 46 designed bridges to maintain the flow of marine waters and to assure the support the biodiversity.