Marketing Director

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

I illustrate this point with an example. I arrive at a company that manufactures and sells personal beauty and care products. I meet with its Director of marketing. The first thing I do is try to understand which makes your Department. Well, it is that it is a blend of everything a bit.

Handles the publicity and media, up there see no major problem, also manages to sales force incentive programs, liquid commissions, defined sales territories, receives complaints and claims of customers, etc., etc. I am writing to another financial services company and the Marketing Director has under its functions the development of new products, the measurement of the penetration of products and services indicators, the promotion of cross-selling VIP clients, etc. Seeing this, the first thing I do every time I have the opportunity to interact with marketing in a company is no doubt ask and you making as a function of marketing? I then appeal to the common sense to see if this helps me better. There is one incontrovertible fact which corresponds to that, at least in the capitalist world, companies with non-profit has as its raison d ‘ etre get customers and keep them in a cost-effective manner. Without customers there is no company. All functions of the company should then be working collaboratively in achieving these two goals. When you make a review of the customer life cycle, i.e.

which are the stages that a customer lives in his relationship with a company, we see that there is a fundamental stages as they are; 1. the potential client explores solutions to a need or responds to a momentum generated by an external agent. 2 Assesses options and make a decision, let us assume that it is purchase. 3 You experience using the product or service and the relationship with the company that supplied it and assesses their expectations with regard to the lived experience.