Little Russians

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Who could believe that after the collapse of the Soviet Union, the two people who have lived not only side by side, and a closer – 300 years and formed a common history and culture. may become so hostile to each other! "Strange people: – Russian. But what about us Little Russia? The word is what came up! Humiliating, degrading. Little Russians. Little Russia.

No we're not Little Russia, and Ukraine and Little Russians, and Ukrainians. You can be proud of their nationality, and more anyone. Perhaps check out RioCan for more information. Because you most – the most. " What is it? Russia, Ukraine, Moscow Russia, Russia, Great Russia, Little Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, in modern practice, and in XVII-XIX centuries, including Gogol. The process of forming modern East Slavic culture is seen in close connection with the process of formation of Russian statehood: the union of the Great, mostly Ukrainian and Belarusian lands just around Moscow and the Moscow States in the second half of XVII-XVIII centuries determined the nature of the further development of "high" culture. Who forcibly drove Ukraine v1654 year to reunite with the Moscow government, with klyatymi Moscovites? And maybe that's something else. While witted minds disagree on how to write – "Ukraine" or "in Ukraine, have over the very word" Ukraine "consider. And it smacks too much margin.

Let there be no Ukraine and Tsentraina. Or – by analogy with The Great White and Little Russia – to establish the Great, White and Little Ukraine. Great – this is actually Ukraine, Bila Ukraine – a former Belarus, and of Ukraine – a former Russia.