Ivan Petrovich Martos

Saturday, August 25, 2018

Fulfilling the imperial decree, the French inflicted a brand into the hands of one of the peasants, who were captured, a farmer, not knowing what the brand, explained that this is a sign of entry to service to Napoleon. Then the farmer, the faithful in Russia, pulled out of his belt ax and cut off his branded hand. Prominent representative of that time was a sculptor Boris Orlovsky (1796 – 1837). They made a sculpture that reflects the scene pacify the bull, 'Ian Usmar', but, above all, he is known in the history of Russian art as a writer monuments Kutuzov and B. Barclay de Tolly, established in St. Petersburg (1828 – 1836). Prominent place occupied by works such artists such as si Golber, N.

Pimenov, av Loganovsky, Ivan Vitali. Largest master early xix century. was Ivan Petrovich Martos (1754 – 1835). Among his numerous sculptures of the most outstanding is the monument to Minin and (1804 – 1818). Realistic art was of Peter Karlovich Klodt (1805 – 1867). He is particularly famous as a master animal painter.

And indeed, in the Russian art in the first half of the xix century. was not such a big expert on animals, as Klodt. pk Klodt was a student of vp Ekimov – the caster and sculptor. 'From childhood passion for horses and liked to draw and cut out people and animals, first among which averted, of course, a beloved horse. Lived in a squalid apartment – wrote ni Grech in his memoirs.