Saturday, November 9, 2013

' Joo answered, saying to it: Master, we saw one that in your name banished demons, which does not follow in them; we forbid it to it, because not in segue.' ' Mc 9; 38 Joo, one of ' ' children of trovo' ' the way was radicalizing; or it comes with us, or he is been silent. Mr., dissuaded such attitude. ' ' Jesus, however, said: You do not forbid it to it; because nobody has that it makes miracle in my name and it can soon speak badly of mim.' ' V 39 the difficulty with the diversity always was visible in the human being that tends to universalizar its idiosyncrasies, its perceptions. Or it acts as we, or, are silenced. God does not have problems with this, a time that created and loves the diversity. But, when warranting this ministry ' ' alternativo' ' Salvador would not have if contradicted? After all, it seems that It legitimized to all the ones that make miracles in Its name.

In the register of Mateus, It warned: ' ' Nor all it says what me: Gentleman, Gentleman! he will enter in the kingdom of skies, but that one that makes the will of my Father, who is in cus.' ' Mat 7; 21 These that will not enter, as taught, augured, made way miracles, that seem that the text contradicts to the first one. In the truth Salvador did not say that the ones that made miracles in Its name would be safe, before, that these could not speak badly Of it, exactly to avessas would be one ' ' marketing' ' of its workmanship in way that would have the disciples to leave them and to make its part. Pablo made something similar how much to some you penetrate that they nailed to reach it, not to the souls; ' ' But that he matters? Contanto that Christ is announced of all the way, or with fingimento or in truth, this me rejoicing, and I will rejoice ainda.' ' F 1; 18 In part some the word teaches that the false ones make the Will of God, but, teaches the tolerance; to leave to grow the joio and the wheat, exactly enters the ones that do not nail, so that, opportunely, it makes you the separation.