Extraordinary Transformation

Sunday, August 26, 2018

Many o us but know a child's parents or themselves were studied airy tale called 'The Incredible Journey o Niels Holgersona with wild geese in Sweden', no one is let calm. The story is aware o ourteen the boy whose name is Neal, who once caught in its net gnome, ridiculed him, and punished or it – turned into a dwar into a little person, and then made a magical journey into the pack wise goose Akka on the wings o the goose all over Sweden. Originally the story was conceived by the author as a method in geography or Swedish children. But the extraordinary and wonderul adventures o the protagonist – a boy Nils, turned into a dwar miniature man, like not only kids but most adults. Simple ordinary boy, not very pleasant and largely a bummer, he ound himsel in a surprising situation: the transormation o the rude behavior and laziness in the little man, carries one o the most extraordinary and wonderul journey in world history tales – the home goose. Together with a lock o wild geese, it lies all Sweden or the goose Martina. During trip boy alls into the worlds that were previously closed to him: the ields, orests, skies, as well as villages and dierent cities.

As it was close to the world o airy tales and olk traditions. As well as learn many interesting things about and history o their country. In this case, Niels quite simply moves rom one storyline to another, as at present, the everyday world, in a antastic and magical. 'Animate the space' o his pilgrimage – the animals and birds that can sometimes real human depravity, but above all – on the dedicated support o each other. Tale o wandering becomes a hero tale o transormation. at the end o the wanderings o Neal not only received its ormer appearance, but in his heart changed, thus dragging the kids into an amazing and very compelling story. Traveling with a lock o wild swans all over Sweden to the north in Lapland, the boy Nils discovered many new inormation about Sweden, and most importantly, he was noble, kind man and loyal riend.

The book is written 'Selma Lagerlo Ottiliana Luvisa' (1858 -1940) – Swedish writer and the irst woman writer, which was awarded Nobel Prize or Literature in 1909. or his story-a tale o extraordinary journeys boy Nils Holgersona, which has since remained one o the best works o a revered and children, and adults. But later, when Finland ought in the 'Winter War' against the Red Army, Lagerlo gave her a gold medal Nobel laureate to help Finland. Coming up with geography textbook or Swedish children, a talented writer, has created a story has become an exemplary creation o world literature or children. Most likely, hersel a writer, which is all the childhood had been chained to his bed, dreaming about here is this wonderul light over the thickets, valleys, ridges and lakes, on prinizannom winds and bright sun distance, which has been stripped. Ater reading the story o Nils, you start to experience an unprecedented ortune in the light o the soul, you believe that traveled on the wing o a goose, air jets blew your ace and body, opening her eyes illing with delight and soul