Exporting Countries

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Throughout the time, majors, or big oil, had converted its uncommon wealth into mega influence politics. They had used its vultosos financial resources to infiltrate themselves and to create intricate and obscure labyrinths for to be able established them to all of a country. They were joined, they fundiam and they formatted partnerships to completely dominate the chain productive of the oil, true systems of monopoly and cartel. They searched to get tax benefits, subsidies, reduction of royalties and breaches in the law favored that them. It is the tyrannous petroimperialismo, that also emporcalhou the nature and the places where the interests of the industry control countries and society.

They had prospered in the secret, the mythomania, the lack of transparency and the control on the information. They were ordinary shares of majors: occultation of payments the governments, dissimulation of countable operations, influence in the media to plant its interests, purchase hostile expulsion of competitors. At last, the international cartel of the oil well-was succeeded in behavior terms anticompetition of history, when realigning the world-wide power, desestabilizar economies, to knock down governments and to attack the environment. On the other hand, the strategical importance of the oil in world-wide the energy panorama must also be attributed, to a large extent, to great the company petroliferous private. Its vultosos capitals (bigger that the GIP of many countries), its enterprise capacity and influence politics had formed true to be able parallel in the world-wide economy, that the rhythm and the form of economic growth of many nations had determined. The creation of the Organization of the Exporting Countries of Oil Opep in 1960 propitiated the partial breaking of this cartelizao, and the great hegemony of company passed to be exerted by the producing countries of oil.

It was the first time that a cartel of countries faced a cartel of companies. The oil dependence and volatileness of its prices dominates the scene geopolitical and generates one permanent state of conflicts. World-wide powers are prepared for future wars, not more for ideological questions or politics, but for intense fights for scarcer resources each time. Air-tight black box of the oil is each more pressing time to confide it.