Thursday, February 9, 2017

Was the Word, and it created the world ‘Before you say the word you thought of it slips in your head before you make any movement, the action in the same way (a short beep in my head)! Hence We run our thoughts. All they know or think right now, yes it is logical, but it is serious about this fact? Far from it! And how do they come to us in the head? Where Hitler went to his head, what he had done! And how many more horrible example you can give yourself, as people used the potential of our minds? Sanity is one of our top abilities, without which, pardon the expression, we would be writing right now on the tree leg rising perpendicular to the ground (as all admissions to one person)! And our main ability is our gift. Our little miracle. In each of us. In no case can not neglect the these things! We should be thankful for all of the it! Who? Tom who gave us this! And many of us already do not know how to be genuinely blagodarnomi! Lost that ability! And they manifest themselves at them only when there is danger to life! life! Why did we start playing with it in opansye things? Impressions, emotions? Yes! That’s right! Modern man lives for the sake of impressions and emotions! Good, kind, funny, but kind, and sometimes Good to tears! And where good to take if its daily cover set Evil! Why Evil? What evil? Why We Evil You decide incredible problem, formulas, etc.