Effective Adjustment

Monday, February 17, 2014

The described article to follow has as objective primordial to carry through a brief summary on the contribution of the toy in the cognitivo and affective development of the child, beyond contributing and flowing for the adult life. Being able itself to say that through playing that the child finds its objectives and perceives that is through the playful activity that it understands the events surround that it and if she satisfies with these recreativas activities and she perceives then how much these activities are important for its development and until they are determinative factors of the culture of its time. It is through playing that the child represents the papers most significant for its growth, and how much better it will be its representation, plus it will have conditions to express the sprouted true feelings of the unconscious one in its totality. The trick has a special meaning for the psychology of the development and the education, in its multiple ramifications and imbricaes, conditions that involve the evolutivo process all, revealed as organized form of its reality, where the child learns to deal with its possibilities, limitations and conflicts. Making this child to construct to its knowledge through the papers represented in its day the day, extending at the same time two vocabularies – the linguistic and the psicomotor? moreover playing will serve to be made emotional the affective adjustment, reached in its complete papers represented for it. Word-key: to play, development and playful activity.