Dublin Treaty

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

, 75 countries at the moment worldwide have stock of cluster pumps. The Spanish State is involved in this problem: the army owns an arsenal of this type of arms and several Spanish companies appear between the producers. In 2007, 46 states signed the call Declaration of Oslo and a process was abra that will have to be completed in December of the 2008 with the protocolic company/signature of this new international convention. The Spanish government always has been expressed in favor of in center putting of this treated future the human considerations. However, this principle was incompatible with the defense of some exceptions, like the demanded ones by the Spanish delegation in the Conference of Dublin.

With the text of the treaty that leaves Dublin, and that counts more on the consensus of 100 countries, they are prohibited all the pumps of cluster, without no exception. The heart of this treaty has been always to protect the civil populace of any weapon that had the unacceptable effects that cause the cluster pumps. Then: all the pumps of this type will be illegal armament. The convention of Dublin establishes of final form measured and terms of destruction of arsenals. Also, it establishes the obligation to provide medical aid, rehabilitation and support to victims with a national plan, calendar and budget. From the ratification of the new treaty on the part of the Government, both models of pumps that make in Spain will be prohibited and will be necessary to come to the destruction of all the reserves of these pumps that owns the Army. The decision, the leadership of some countries and the tenacity, certainty and clarity of objectives of the organized civil society have made possible east so important step in the matter of disarmament and defense of the human rights. Now we will be alert so that the states ratify and implement the treaty more soon possible and with all their effectiveness. Unfortunately, as in the case of the mines anti person, this new treaty does not serve to eliminate the wars nor the conflicts that there are in the world, but will serve to eliminate the serious threat that stops the civil populace means the use of the cluster pumps.