Thursday, October 6, 2016

The pitchforks, the caibros, the liana-of-stairs for the amarradios. All gratuitous one, offered for the bush, only costing the physical effort, which was divided enters the other inhabitants who of very good grado if they had made use in helping raises in it of the habitation of the new inhabitant, which was received with joy and curiosity. The town was constituted of few sets of ten of barracos, being less of dozen the constructed houses of bricks and roofing tiles. They were the most supplied houses of; The owner of the only there existing sales, the owners of lands next to the town, already with formed grass, about barbed wire, cattle heads, and the church that if pointed out well in the end of the last Street of Is sundays. Made the barraco, it passed to inside of it with the woman, the children and the cacos; Five enamel plates, five spoons, two pans of iron, a wood spoon, one pilozinho to step on I temper, a knife, a machete, one boroca that the family, a motion fit the clothes of all radio, the five nets and five pairs of rope.

In the first days the barraco exhaled one smells good of green weeds, that were the still cool straws of babau, entering in drying process. It was for the July month, almost in the time to start broque of roas. Now it was alone to arrange a piece of land, its future farm. It was this same. It did not have fear of service heavy. It did not make ugly face for difficulties.

It was not to give up easily. Its woman, good dressmaker who was, already had arranged some orders, and sewed in the machine of owner Roslia, the woman of the Loureno of the sales. As payment for the use of the machine, she was enough to cook some parts for the son of Roslia owner, and finished colloquy.