Wednesday, February 21, 2018

It is a language that has a direction, a function and a consequence for the communications human beings. Consensualmente I consensualmente consisted a new shared discursivo sort between individuals socially organized in elapsing of the interaction process. Having access, reading, reflecting, understanding, writing, at last possessing itself of the language in the virtual sort, internauta uses the advances of the technology in the area of the communications promoting positive alterations in the structure of the language and the ways of interaction human being. For more specific information, check out RioCan . All this expansion in the field of the orality and the writing that promotes the interaction of the man with its pairs generating a new way to speak and to write is seen with good eyes for the school, that it sees in this form of communication enters the users of the net a form of exclusion of the language standard of the vocabulary of its educandos. In the truth internautas is creating a different form to interact and no matter how hard this seems insignificant, he is something that needs to be analyzed, is necessary that if it observes as this language intervenes with the process of learning of pupils cibernautas and as the school is acting front to these new features. In the world of the electronic colloquies the pupil has the freedom to make what it to want, can even though create a new way to interact with its interlocutors, is it who defines as and what to use, but this must happen in the correct environment to stimulate the creativity still more the reasoning of the pupils.

This new form of language produced in the virtual supports can perfectly walk in parallel with the language worked in the school, the important one is that the pupils know where and when to use each one. The school has to perceive that it must work in the direction to also extend in the educandos these two discursivos sorts in the digital context a time that the communication saw web already is part of day-by-day of the pupils internautas and to provide the integration of the orality with the writing in a virtual colloquy is according to curricular parameters a necessity that it needs to be supplied fastest possible. The interaction of the orality and the writing in the Internet is conditional to its proper codes that establish a peculiar form of interaction and social integrations becoming possibilitadora of dialogues between more the different types types of people, on the most varied subjects and in the diverse virtual supports that it contains as: chats, frum, blogs, to twitter, e-mail etc. the cultured language offered by the school and the language of the colloquies online are not agglutinated, but if different forms juxtapose simultaneously modifying the scene of the communications human beings creating, in this process of interaction through multi-vehicles. By that already it was emphasized it is considered that the virtual language does not exclude the formal language, but adds to this other forms of communication with a new adequate language to a new was and the new social groups that the society constructed throughout history.