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So, why there is handwriting analysis? Most often the cadres required by the handwriting to identify the main traits of character and temperament, as well as the abilities and characteristics of mental states of the employee. This allows more accurately assess its compliance position or occupation. Sometimes the knowledge of graphology to help in professional self-identity, career choices or changes. But handwriting analysis superior manager allows you to determine his psychological characteristics, and to build up relationships with them. Finally, if you carefully analyze your writing style and constructively evaluate their mental warehouse, it will certainly help you be more productive to build interpersonal relationships with the immediate environment. It is important to remember that no one sign in the handwriting should not be regarded as an absolute dogma. It must be compare with other signs to detect evidence of any traits or signs of contradictory personality. So, we proceed to estimate the individual elements of handwriting.

General Characteristics Handwriting Level handwriting says about the power of faith, calm and tranquility. In an emotionally unstable subjects or individuals who abuse alcohol, there is a trembling hand. Manic patients are written with a flourish, and value increases with the letter writing. Do mentally ill patients with written language, as well as oral, patchy and incoherent. They observed special speed, abundance of diminutive, wordiness, lack of or peculiar arrangement of punctuation. Do introverts compact and neat handwriting, and write more extroverts, sweeping letters. Seen, who wrote the letter that rough, then beautiful, and probably in life behaves unequally.

Corpus token E 8280 is made of aluminum. Marker filled with special indelible ink, visible only in ultraviolet light. The marker has a round (bullet) point. Edding markers actually produces for all types of surfaces: industrial markers, pigment markers, markers for cd, markers for the enamel boards, lacquer and decorative markers, markers of tissue markers for windows, permanent markers, markers for skin (Surgical), X-rays, underwear, tires, navigational markers, marker Edding to ultraviolet rays, an aerospace marker. uv -8280 is designed for the application of covert markings on any smooth surface. UV-marker is required when conducting an inventory to protect valuable items of property of individuals and organizations, in addressing controversial issues in the identification of the property. Rio- Tinto Diamonds has much to offer in this field.

Used to identify devices and equipment in the workplace. The inscription is applied in a similar way as any other marker or felt-tip pen. Before applying the latent labels need to make sure surface is cleaned of mechanical impurities. For effective use of marking uv marker must be applied in hidden places. If the inscription is exposed to sunlight, and cleaning chemicals, it needs to be updated every 2 months. You can find a hidden inscription with uv lamps, detectors currencies, uv lamps. Identification of the inscriptions made by means of directional ultraviolet radiation. To read the hidden markings recommends.

The lamp is ideally suited for this purpose, meets the requirements – compact size, and consequently, high mobility. Intended to cause permanent writing on any smooth and rough surfaces. Ideal for work on the following surfaces: metal, wood, glass, cardboard, plastics, ceramics, etc. The marker is a versatile and probably the letter on a number of other surfaces, such as wet wood, dirty, rusty metal, foil, tile and many others. Probably the use of raw metal, concrete, brick building.