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the atletismo of state of the glo-balidade, paraphrasing Sloterdijk, not yet was enrolled. what it is more serious, does not have preparativeses for the same. It has if, it says them us Sloterdijk, it only has them then in the form of wild and self-taught training. buys at auction: ' ' Here consciences are demanded that if establish firmly in the abyss of the paradox on species. Profession: politician. Main residence: opacity. Program: to belong itself with those with which it is difficult to belong itself.

Moral: small works of challenges. Passion: to have a relation with the relation absence. Evolution: auto-conscription from conhecimen them to you, that it is changedded into iniciativa' '. Here it is, therefore, in perfect summary, the description of as we can live well in a hell. The city Greek died, is truth. It left us, however, the desperate gesture, together with its embalmed body, as last last pedagogical episode of the city Greek who the historical research rescued and the memory fixed forever, as knowledge, the participation of certain Dige-nes, — of that in Jose Amrico Motta Pessanha speaks to them — of century II d.C., that it perpetuated in the wall of its city, Enoanda, in the Capadcia (Central Turkey) a philosophical message consisting by basic teses of the ethics of Epicuro, Greek philosopher who lived about five hundred years before (century III B.C.), evidencing, thus, which age the true paper and the proper one felt of the city Greek. was thus, moved for the Love to the men, who Digenes, this citizen of Enoanda and professor in You twirl, looked for indiscriminately to partilhar the teachings of the master with any one that passed ahead of the wall of Enoanda. was the teachings there sleeping through the centuries, in Enoanda, those rocks contends curious registrations, until they had been discovered, in the end of century XIX, for French archaeologists. Only that in the wall of Enoanda, it clarifies us Motta Pessanha, the basic teses of Epicuro appear in the registrations under form d