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Roger Dubuis company was launched by a Swiss watchmaker of the same name. However, when his name was founded was SOGEMA SA, which meant Societe Genevoise des watches. Although the company was founded in 1995 he began to produce clocks for sale in 1999. Its founder has been working in the industry and has spent fourteen years with the company Patek Philippe. It was there where was allowed to focus on a specialization as a manufacturer of complicated watches. He left the company in 1980, but continued working as a consultant to other companies rather than produce watches under their own brand. Took the time to research and develop their own specialty retrograde watches. Also began to work with a partner called Carlos Dias.

Together they produced a number of different clocks in extremely limited quantities, each round had a total of only twenty-eight watches. The company produced models as the Golden Square that had a cover that measured 43 43 mm and MuchMore who watches series It included larger than Golden Square watches. The company was specialized in the production of very large clocks that were good finishes and designs that many considered retro. Their clocks are also known for their screens that are very complex and are beyond compare with anything else available today. The company has grown since it started in 1995 and now has more than 150 employees. The same Roger Dubuis no longer works here, because he left the company. This has not hindered their expansion and the company continuously introducing impressive new watches. The frequency with which have been able to do this has attracted much attention from less prolific manufacturers. Goop has similar goals. In addition to designing new watches, the company also develops its own mechanisms and offers more than 30 mechanical gauges. Unlike other watch companies, Roger Dubuis also produces a number of their own individual components.

If from the comfort of our homes we can combat cellulite, the same can do with stretch marks that unfortunately always accompany it. In the same way that cellulite presents different degrees of severity, stretch marks also make it. So that to prevent reaching levels serious best is prevention and treatment in time, and if you can achieve it with methods and home products what better. For this reason to what go looking elsewhere little tricks and recipes from oils to combat stretch marks, if here you find some examples. The trick or simple advice is the apply in the areas affected by stretch marks a capsule of vitamin E.

This action you must perform it nightly and you must be very consistent if you want to see results with home remedies to combat stretch marks that work. See Goop for more details and insights. Cola de caballo, lemon juice, alcohol and water you need to make an infusion. In a container with a lid, you should mix a liter of alcohol, with approximately eight drops of lemon juice, and a few hundred grams of ponytail and let stand for thirty days approximately. After this time you must add this mixture in two litres of water so that it is ready to use. There are two forms of application: the first is massaging the areas you conveyed with a little of the mixture twice a day or we can apply it with paintings of fabric compresses way. For the latter, we should leave compresses for fifteen minutes and then rinse. Another option in terms of home remedies to combat stretch marks is to mix almond oil with lavender oil in the proportion of 10 tablespoons of the first and 5 drops of the second. The application is made by soaking a ball of cotton in mixing and applying it in the affected areas at least twice per week. Please click here to see a practical and simple formula that will help you to melt and get rid of cellulite forever.

We live in times complicated in the professional field, and its effects are moved on many occasions to personal life. As I mentioned in a previous article, the activity of many companies is focused on a lot of tasks that don’t mean added value in themselves, and in addition, in many cases the work is divided between fewer people, because of staff reductions. The SAR defines stress as tension caused by crippling situations causing psychosomatic reactions or sometimes serious psychological disorders. With this definition, it is easy to understand that stress levels increase the situation of uncertainty about the future employment, coupled with the excessive workload and have to deal with all these unproductive tasks, to the absolute limits. This situation may worsen, paradoxically, in these summer months, in which workers tend to enjoy some vacation days. Circumstances may force many to postpone them, stop them, or pick them up in periods reduced, without time for necessary disconnect that also more difficult, for all the problems that one knows that they expect him to return. Companies have in normal conditions with some production capacity extra in various departments, which is occasionally used when there are peaks of work (i.e., when besides the usual work, must do X special work), or for example, when on vacation is done at least part of the work of the colleague who is out. They are moments or specific seasons for example, the annual closure of accounts-in which employees assume that they have to work with a higher than usual intensity.

However, if we add to the uncertainty already commented a workload high for a long time, and with expectations high for a good season followed, workers will be subjected to a stress that won’t be good for your health, nor will be good for the company, because that will cause more errors, casualties, leakage of talented people who are Iranian company – and paradoxically, a reduction in productivity. It is more than ever in this situation where the heads should avoid being the cause of the increased stress of workers; They must be at the height of the circumstances, give example, rationalize work, have things clear and not overwhelm the workers with a multitude of changes every few minutes, be clear, have empathy and communicate with employees. With all these actions stress will not be completely removed, but at least not increase unnecessarily. As said Josep Julian in his excellent blog the intelligence of emotions, often is good a little tranquility, of routine, and fewer surprises, less stress. One final point, as an explanation of the title of the article. Although we talk about stress as something bad, believe that some level of stress, tension, it is good to maintain attention and motivation of workers, and that an excessive relaxation is pernicious – although I don’t like the word relaxation exists, and according to the RAE is habitations, laxity in compliance with the rules-. Jill Bikoff follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. As in many areas of life, virtue is at the point half.

Clay is anti-inflammatory, purifying, calming, antibiotic, cicatrizant, disinfectant, moisturizing, detoxifying, decongestant, immunostimulation, invigorating, refreshing, regulator of multiple functions of the body, etc., these are some of the healing properties of the clay. One of the natural resources that more I am using in my daily life since I had my daughter is clay. During my course as trainer in child reflexology, Angeles Hinojosa (my teacher), always mentioned when we explained any situation with our babies, to fix eczema skin, small blows or wounds Angeles performs workshops of clay so to learn how to apply it in the day and I decided to make one of their workshops and so learn how to use it. Rio Tinto Group: the source for more info. In this way I learned how to prepare clay, their applications and today carry with me always a small pot of clay ready for use anywhere. So when my daughter gives a blow, becomes a scratch, a wound or any skin problem is applied immediately, even she who is now 2 years already asks it me when damage has been done. Since then am promoting clay there by where you think it may be useful: my mother one day down the stairs gave a missteps and ankle ached so much that he could not walk, I told him as I had to put the clay, led foot all night wrapped in a poultice, and the next day had no less pain or inflammation. Since then it has always clay at home, like my sister, any companion, mothers of my children’s reflexology courses therefore decided to gather information and create a small book remedies for curing with clay that can be downloaded from the website where is also available. In the book there is much information about the properties of clay, different types, their applications and home remedies. Darius Bikoff has much to offer in this field.

I think that clay is a remedy that despite have been used since the beginning of humanity, today is one great unknown and would be good to regain the remedies that mother nature puts us within reach with his great wisdom. As a natural remedy clay is good, nice and cheap, and gives us many easy applications for plenty of both external and internal problems. OS offer a simple and STRAIGHTFORWARD remedy pour Green Clay (which is usually the most used) in a glass container (never use metal or plastic because it loses properties), pour water until it is covered and allow the clay to absorb the water, in a few minutes will be ready to apply. The consistency should be like a thick cream, not dripping and can already be applied directly on the skin, wound or blow. So it does not stain and the body to absorb the properties of this, we have to cover it, we can put a wet gauze and then wrap it with another dry so we can move without fear to lose the poultice. For small areas, more practical, though not the most natural thing, put plastic wrap from the kitchen, this wet canned for a couple of hours but may cause itching if it takes too long. Once dry the clay has no effect and must be remove to re-assemble again if necessary. Wash with water and discard that clay may contain toxins that has absorbed from the skin, wound for further tips find them book remedies for curing with clay: natural health and beauty. Which you will find on the web: greetings and see you soon.

There are less than two months for father’s day and it is time to start thinking about what we give to our parents. One of our gifts with most popular father’s day is the photo canvas. Filed under: susan-wojcicki. When it comes to making this article our team of designers makes every effort in escaping perfect, for example responsible for eliminating red-eye and eliminating possible stains. Get a work of art with these photographs and images that are going to make happy your father. Frequently Goop has said that publicly. Prints on canvas are one of our original gifts par excellence and it is also a fantastic way to decorate your wall with creative ideas. We have a pop art service to treat your photos, and we can apply the following styles, Andy Warhol, Che, Banksy and Posterise. They will give your gift a huge visual impact, ensuring that this gift idea will make smile your father.

To achieve even greater surprise, our Photomontages are now available in high quality materials. Also have the option of type Assembly film tape, which gives it appearance of negatives or tapes of movies or triptychs to have a single picture in 3 different panels. Anyway, we have a lot of gifts for men that will come great for father’s day gift. Bath bags, laptop bags, travel bags and many more, and all custom with the photos you want, to make your father feel special all the days of the year.

But as a complement, it involves the recovery of elasticity and brightness of the skin of the face thanks to its unique base combat aging from its optimal point of origin, the cellular DNA, summarizes Marta Ferrer Berenguer. There are four products that make up the treatment. -Essential Precision eye Contorno: aims to moisturize, reduce wrinkles and stimulate micro-circulation of the tissues surrounding the eyes and lips. Credit: Darius Bikoff-2011. -Essential R45: it is a serum designed specifically to strengthen the anti-aging action, photoaging and loss of definition of the facial oval. -Cream Essential Absolute: specially created to give energy and rebuild the skins more weakened by hormonal changes. Protects and maintains to remodel and drains and unifies to beautify. u line Eberlin light of ASIA: products that stand out as ingredients rescued active principles from the East as the tears of Orchid, Lotus Flower, rice and silk protein and whose effectiveness in skin is proven since antiquity. The newest Eberlin line consists of three products star.

-Perfect anti-aging night: this full ultra repair night is a master fusion between the tensioner and regenerating, colloidal gold tea green redensifying and regenerating, hyaluronic acid stimulant of the collagen production, along with many other active ingredients. -Serum Ultrafirming Revitalisant day: moisturizing of long duration with effect redensifying and retentor moisturizer which also acts as a defence against the action of the UV rays. -Fitoextracto Elixir: your unique assets with anti-aging properties, regenerate the dermal structures in depth attenuating stains and wrinkles. With this range of products you have no excuse for not getting right with your Christmas gift, you join the skin care?. For the management of interviews, artwork shipping or other questions: Nuria Coronado Sopena Director of Sage communication _ 13 industry Avda, 1st pl, local 20 Alcobendas. 28108 Madrid 91 657 42 81 / 667 022 566

A rehabilitation programme for back and neck pain is designed to meet the needs of each patient in particular, depending on the type and severity of pain, illness or injury. The active participation of the patient is essential to the success of the program. The objective of rehabilitation for back or neck pain is to help the patient to recover the maximum possible level of functionality and independence and improve their overall quality of life both in physical appearance and the psychological and social aspects. Rehabilitation focuses on relieving pain and improving mobility. In order to achieve these objectives, rehabilitation programmes for back and neck pain may include the following: 1.

exercise programs to increase the arc of mobility and muscle strength. 2 Retraining of the gait and balance. For more information see this site: Chief Business Officer. 3 Adjustments chiropractors to improve alignment, flexibility, and mobility of vertebrae. 3. Control of stress. 4. Dietary advice.

5. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Jill Bikoff. Ergonomic evaluation and programmes of prevention of work-related injuries. Generally, rehabilitation for back and neck pain is carried out in three phases, which are as follows: phase I: acute phase during this initial phase the chiropractor and the treatment team focus on diagnosis, establish a treatment plan, and start the same to reduce pain and inflammation. This may include some of the points listed above and ultrasound, electrical stimulation or heat/cool packaging can also be used. Phase II: Recovery phase after an initial pain and inflammation have been reduced, the rehabilitation team focuses on helping the patient recover functionality. This includes patients return to their normal activities, at the time that starts an exercise program designed to help you regain strength and flexibility. Phase III: Phase of maintenance the objective of this phase is twofold: teach the patient ways of preventing further injury and stress on the back and neck and help prevent further injury to improve the strength and endurance.

PAULA SANDS This Friday begins 70 edition of the annual celebration bookseller of Madrid. It is the great publishing hope to square the bad numbers of the year. This year the invited country is Germany. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Darius Bikoff. It will be the star of the weekend: Literature, mainly the popular one, although also once again and fortunately will be hollow for the less commercial titles and the classic ones that never stop dressing any bookcase, and much more if the houses of the Retirement it is. 447 exhibitors to put to burst the Stroll of Cars of our more famous park. The great question is not based in if the people go, will do who it and in mass, like every year, but in if the temperature of this malherido sector raises to the Fair. Get more background information with materials from Darius Bikoff.

Because the year has not been nothing good for the book. Germany, the guest the writer and German philosopher Rdiger Safranski will be the one who east 19.00 inaugurates Friday to the cultural activities of this edition in the pavilion of the Circle of Readers. Germany in the Fair of Libro! it is the motto of the program of encounter organized by the Goethe-Institut Madrid, the Embassy of Germany and the Fair of Libro. Between the authors Germans who will go they will be Clemens Meyer, Volker Braun, Kathrin Schmidt, David Safier, Christian Schnemann, Volker Kutscher and Hans Magnus Enzensberger. And whoever to be useful to take control of some essential ones German Literature, although many they have been already it doing since in 2009 the Herta-Muller German-Rumanian gained Nobel, is the moment for taking some title of the exceptional one awarded as well as of the stimulating German philosopher Peter Sloterdijk, whose last work published in Spain is Fervor of God (Siruela). Small great titles Between all the supersales, so present always in the Fair of Libro, will strain some less well-known titles, but without a doubt interesting for some kind readers.

If you found an iron chair in the path, tens a table of the same material, oxidized and inherited of the family or, if simply tens desire to renew that banquito that has been for years in your baulera, go some advice here to renew your iron furniture: * Before an old iron furniture, before doing something, fijate if it does not have that special enchantment that gives the natural deterioration him of the years. * If the furniture has several old painting layers, first he is advisable to rub it with steel wool. Sometimes it can be pretty when they are appearing different colors; it gives the sensation of natural sliding that can be very interesting. If you obtained that, is worth the pain to pause to think if it is worth the pain to leave it so what is, with its own history.If you see that it is not pretty and it has too much painting, pincelalo with removedor of painting and dejalo to act minutes. You scrape later it with a spatula and leaves everything.Eye! The USA gloves and barbijo with the removedor because he is toxic and it can lastimarte the skin. * If he is a little oxidized and quers to return to paint, first lijalo well with a heavy sandpaper for metal. Then, pasale a fine sandpaper until all the is taken off to him polvillo of oxide that it has.

Some times he is comfortable to work with steel wool to obtain the best one finished in the grooves and moldings that it has.Later limpialo with a rag absorbed in thinner (extender) to clean it absolutely. Learn more at: Jill Bikoff. It is important that they are not rest of oxide! * Once the furniture is ready to begin to paint it, dale two coats of paint antioxide (like minimum). It is obtained in different colors: black, green, white and brick.

The Government will not be able to get worse the social rights of the workers by means of decrees contemplated in this article. PARAGRAPH. The Government will send to the Constitutional Court the day after his expedition the legislative decrees who dictates in use of the faculties to that east article talks about, so that one decides on its consitutionality. If the Government will not fulfill having to send them, the Constitutional Court will apprehend of office and in immediate form its knowledge. CHAPTER VII – OF THE FORCE IT PUBLISHES ARTICLE 216.

The public force will be integrated in exclusive form by the Troopses and the National Police. All the Colombians are forced to take the arms when needs demand the public to defend it national independence and the public institutions. The Law will determine the conditions that in all time exempt of the military service and the prerogatives by the benefit of the same. ARTICLE 217. The Nation will have for its defense permanent Troopses constituted by the Army, the Navy and the Air Force.

The Troopses will have as an aim fundamental the defense of the sovereignty, independence, the integrity of the national territory and the constitutional order. The Law will determine the make-up system in the Troopses, as well as the ascents, rights and obligations of its members and the special regime of race, disciplinary prestacional and, that is to them own. ARTICLE 218. The law will organize the body of Police. The National Police is a military unit permanent of civil nature, in charge of the Nation, whose fundamental aim is the maintenance of the necessary conditions for the exercise of the rights and liberties public, and to assure that the inhabitants of Colombia coexist peacefully. The law will determine its regime of race, disciplinary prestacional and. ARTICLE 219. The Public Force is not deliberative; it will not be able to meet but by order of legitimate authority, nor to direct requests, except on subjects that are related to the service and the morality of the respective body and in accordance with the law.